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Portable VOC analysis MS
DT-100 is a novel and important method in the field of environmental emergency detection. It uses a unique advanced membrane sampling device, an ultraviolet single photon soft ionization system, digital square wave and linear ion trap technology to detect atmospheric VOCs in real time and online. It has the advantages of second response, low energy consumption, high resolution and low detection limit, etc.
Principles of the instrument

The sample gas is enriched by PDMS membrane and then ionized by vacuum ultraviolet lamp (10.6 ev) to produce molecular ions. The ions are introduced into the ion trap by special ion gate design technology, then trapped in the ion trap by digital square wave. The ion is scanned linearly by resonance excitation technology, and the first-order mass spectrum of complete molecular ion information is obtained to realize the quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples. At the same time, based on the high-efficiency cascade function of DT-100, the molecular ions in the ion trap can be dissociated to produce fragment ions, and more detailed sample mechanism information can be obtained, which can realize the further accurate characterization of samples.

Features and advantages

  • 01
    More accurate detection results: full spectrum acquisition with TOF MS ultra-fast acquisition speed, up to 500 mass spectra per second.
  • 02
    Extensive application scenarios: new solid state heat modulator, no use of refrigerant, use scenarios can be extended from the laboratory to the vehicle-load and online monitoring. 
  • 03
    Size (420 × 350 × 190 mm), light weight (only 14.5 kg including battery).
  • 04
    Second level online detection, real-time response.
  • 05
    The emergency response capability is outstanding, and the detection state is started in 5 minutes after cold start.
  • 06
    Continuous monitoring for more than 2 hours, standby for more than 4 hours.
  • 07
    The monitoring system is simple, the maintenance workload is small, and the use cost is low.
  • 08
    The monitoring period of each probe can be set flexibly by DIY.
Application case
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