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Two dimensional gas chromatography time of flight mass spectrometer (2D GC TOF-MS)
GGT 0620
GGT 0620, is a set of analytical system,which integrates full-scale 2D GC and high-resolution TOF-MS for accurate qualitative and quantitative detection of complex samples. Compared with conventional GC-MS, the system has the advantages of large peak capacity, high resolution, high sensitivity, family separation, tile effect and so on. Combined with the rapid analysis characteristics of TOF MS, the whole system has the performance of high acquisition rate, high sensitivity, high resolution and high quality accuracy.
Principles of the instrument

Two independent columns containing different stationary phases are connected in series by a modulator in Comprehensive 2D GC (GC×GC). Each component from the first column is focused by the modulator, and then the sample is pulsely injected to the second column for continuous separation, so as to realize the orthogonal separation of components with different boiling points and different polar components. Compared with the conventional 1D (single column) GC, GC × GC has the characteristics of large peak capacity, high resolution, high sensitivity and family separation. It has a strong advantage in the complete component analysis of complex samples and rapid analysis of simple samples.

Features and advantages

  • 01
    Extensive application scenarios: new solid state heat modulator, no use of refrigerant, use scenarios can be extended from the laboratory to the vehicle-load and online monitoring. 
  • 02
    More accurate detection results: full spectrum acquisition with TOF MS ultra-fast acquisition speed, up to 500 mass spectra per second.
  • 03
    More complete detection species: peak capacity increased by 10 times compared by GC-MS.
Application case
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