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Automatic microbial mass spectrometry detection system
CMI-1600 is a mass spectrometry detection system based on matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI), which was independently and positively researched and developed by Hexin Kangyuan for 5 years after fully mastering the core technology and advanced manufacturing process. Compared with traditional microbial identification technology, mass spectrometry identification has obvious advantages such as fast identification speed, high accuracy, low technical cost and convenient operation.
Principles of the instrument

MALDI: the analyte is dispersed in the matrix molecules and forms cocrystallization. When the crystal is irradiated by laser, the sample molecules obtain energy desorption, and the matrix ions ionize the sample by charge transfer.

TOF-MS: after accelerating in the electric field, ions enter the area without electric field and are detected according to the different flight times of arriving at the detector, that is, ions are detected by determining that the mass charge ratio (m/z) of ions is in positive ratio to the flight time of ions.

Features and advantages

  • 01Hardware system
    ·High stability signal acquisition system greatly improves the repeatability of the instrument.
    ·Patented double-pulse delay extraction technology improves the resolution of whole mass range.
    ·Due to modular design and built-in front pump, the whole instrument structure is more compact and the maintenance is easier.
    ·Integrated no-clean ion source and original small angle laser incidence effectively improve sensitivity.
    ·With ultra-high frequency, long-life solid-state laser has better lifetime than traditional nitrogen laser, leading to faster sample analysis and free life-long maintenance.
    ·Sampling can be done without waiting because of intelligent and high pumping speed vacuum pump system.
  • 02Software system
    ·With independent intellectual property rights of automatic control acquisition software, the whole process of intelligent monitoring ·instrument status, can freely switch multiple databases.
    ·Multiple cloud servers can perform authentication, while comprehensively improve the identification efficiency, and complete software upgrade and database update in time.
    ·Professional and convenient offline analysis software meets the needs of all kinds of user data analysis.
  • 03 Database
    ·The database is stored in the cloud server and can be updated at any time. Customers can also establish their own exclusive database according to their own needs.
    ·The database originated from the research accumulation of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for many years and with quality assurance. It contains more than 3500 species and 68000 strains of bacteria spectrum, which can meet the detection needs of multiple application fields.
Application case
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