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Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
ICP-MS 1000
ICP-MS 1000 combines the high temperature ionization characteristics of ICP with the advantages of the sensitive and rapid scanning of the quadrupole mass spectrometer to form a new and powerful instrument with element analysis, isotope analysis and morphological analysis. The instrument has the advantages of low detection limit, wide dynamic linear range, less interference, high analysis accuracy, fast speed and multi-element simultaneous determination.
Principles of the instrument

The ICP-MS 1000 mainly includes the following functional modules: a sample injection system, an ICP ion source, an interface unit, a ion transport system, a four-stage pole quality analysis system, an ion detection and data acquisition system, a vacuum system, a complete machine control system and a software system.

Features and advantages

  • 01Intermittent vacuum system
    ·advanced buffer technology, mechanical pump stopped running, instrument standby power with extremely low consumption, reduced by more than 70%.
  • 02Collision reaction pool technology
    ·effectively eliminate polyatomic ion disruption caused by the sample matrix or plasma source .
  • 03 All solid state of generators
    ·digital solid-state generator can produce stable and strong plasma with low failure rate ·narrow energy of ion diffusion can ensure high transmission efficiency and high sensitivity
  • 04Injection system
    ·removable type or one-piece torch, easy maintenance, quick changeover and low cost.
    ·rich variety of injection systems available, such as quartz, hydrofluoric acid, high salt; optional semiconductor refrigeration sampling device, on-line dilution system and automatic sampling system.
Application field

Application case
  • Determination of multiple elements in food and drugs
    Determination of multiple elements in food and drugs
    The ICP-MS 1000 not only can effectively detect the content of various metal elements in food and contact packaging materials, but also can effectively detect the content of heavy metals in drug. With the simultaneous detection of multiple elements, low detection limit and fast detection speed can ensure food and drug safety. Sample: determination of multiple elements in rice and food by ICPMS.
  •  Solid sample analysis
    Solid sample analysis
    Combined with the laser ablative injection system, the ICP-MS 1000 can realize the composition distribution of trace elements in small-size special-shaped non-planar materials and the in situ statistical distribution analysis and characterization of trace elements in complex material systems. Figure 1 Fracture structure of non-planar material.  Figure 2 Projection of fracture of non-planar material. Figure 3: Contour map of the distribution of manganese elements on the fracture surface of non-planar materials.
  • Morphological analysis of Cr in toys
    Morphological analysis of Cr in toys
    ICP-MS 1000 combined with ion chromatography, can satisfy the European Standard EN71-3-2019 to achieve the separation and detection of Cr (III) and Cr (VI) in toys.
  • Element analysis of water quality, soil and atmosphere
    Element analysis of water quality, soil and atmosphere
    Sample: Unknown sample of surface water quality - determination of 65 elements by ICPMS.
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