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Liquid chromatography-Time of flight mass spectrometer
LC-TOFMS 1000 integrates many key technologies, such as the interface for LC-MS, quadrupole ion transport equipment, vertical reflective type, TOF mass analyzer, high-speed data acquisition, and high frequency high voltage power supply. It has the advantages of high quality precision, high sensitivity, high resolution and fast analysis, can achieve a rapid analysis and detection of hundreds of organic compounds, suitable for rapid detection of organic compounds, such as drug structure identification and component analysis, chemical synthetic reaction process monitoring, etc.
Principles of the instrument

the sample is introduced through the injector. The mobile phase brings the sample into the chromatographic column. In the chromatographic column, each component is separated due to the different partition coefficient or adsorption force in the stationary phase.

Thep principle diagram is as shown in the figure. The infusion pump delievers mobile phase (or pressure) to the analysis system at a stable flow rate (or pressure). The sampler carries the sample into the column, then mobile phase brings the sample into the column. The components in the column are separated by their distribution coefficients or adsorbability in the fixed phase and flow to the TOF ion source with the mobile phase in turn. An ion source converts a sample in the liquid phase into ions in the gas phase, through the introduction of MS interface into the TOF detector, and the detected signals are sent to the data system for recording, processing, or storage.

Features and advantages

  • 01
    The independently developed data acquisition and processing software is powerful, practical, and easy to use and can be customized.
  • 02
    The stable high voltage pulse generator and power supply module not only improve the quality resolution performance, but also improve the quality accuracy of the instrument, which is conducive to the accurate qualitative and quantitative determination of the target.
  • 03
    The vertically introduced TOF-MS adopts the V-type design to reduce the space occupied by the mass spectrum area and improve the resolution.
  • 04
    The internal CID function of its own unique MIR interface can obtain fragment information, which contributes to the structural analysis of the target.
  • 05
    Domestic advanced ion beam transmission module and quadrupole technology ensure ion transmission efficiency; the pulse mode of Skimmer 2 enrichs a section of regional ions and improved the sensitivity to target ions by nearly an order of magnitude.
  • 06
    ICP-MS can combined with different ion sources, such as ESI, APCI, AP-Maldi, EESI, DE, SI, etc. The ion source can combined with milliliter, microliter, nanoliter LC, to meet customers' requirements for detection in different application fields.
Application case
  • Bioprotein analysis -- polypeptide composition analysis
    Bioprotein analysis -- polypeptide composition analysis
    The mass spectrum of β-endorphin (molecular formula C157H254N42O44S) methanol solution using ESI source is as follows.
  •  Food detection -- rapid testing of food ingredients
     Food detection -- rapid testing of food ingredients
    Onion juice was diluted with methanol and nano-spray was used to realize the rapid detection of onion single cells.
  •  Drug research -- monitoring the process of drug synthesis
    Drug research -- monitoring the process of drug synthesis
    By monitoring and testing synthetic samples, it can quickly determine whether the synthetic target substance is formed, and monitor the by-products produced during the synthesis process to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the synthetic drug components.
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