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About us

       Guangzhou Hexin Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Hexin") was founded in 2004, which is famous in providing high-end mass spectrometry products as well as relevant testing service. As one of the leaders of MS industry in China, Hexin is committed to the innovation in cutting edge MS technologies and making a better world together with customers.
       With 30 years of accumulation in research and 18 years of effort in independent R&D, Hexin has formed a professional team including experts in the high level institutes and universities from home and abroad. Our company has mastered a number of key core technologies and has more than 200 patents on mass spectrometer (the most in the same field in China), making Hexin one of the few companies in the world that own the core technology of high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
       Hexin is dedicated to providing various high quality MS products and service solutions in the fields of environmental monitoring, biological sciences,medicine, food safety, and industrial production, etc. MS products from Hexin have participated into the scientific research of Xue Long in polar areas and served the institutions of the United States, Russia, Germany. In China, Hexin Instrument has served 30 provinces (34 provincial administrative regions in total in China) and more than 300 cities, providing reliable products and satisfactory service.
Development history

  • Year 2021
    the industrialization base of scientific instrument construction has been completed and a high-end mass spectrometer industrial chain has been laid out
  • Year 2020
    an automatic microbial mass spectrometry detection system was released to the market, which could be applied in customs, clinics, etc
  • Year 2019
    a two-dimensional gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry (2D GC-TOF-MS) system for complex VOC analysis was released to the market, which could be applied in food processing, environment monitoring, energy and chemical industries and other fields
  • Year 2018
    Hexin Instrument participated into the scientific research of Xue Long in polar areas and applied to the environmental monitoring of the Arctic and South Poles
  • Year 2017
    The world's first second level multi-component monitoring system of atmospheric VOCs was released to the market, real-time online mobile monitoring of VOCs, applied to environmental monitoring
  • Year 2013
    Online monitoring system for source apportionment of PM2.5 was released to the market applied to environmental monitoring
  • Year 2012
    MS product for online VOC analysis was released into the market applied to environmental monitoring
  • Year 2010
    Start the application of single particle aerosol mass spectrometer (SPAMS) for online monitoring of PM2.5 applied to environmental monitoring 
  • Year 2008
    Electron Impact ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (EII TOFMS) was developed and applied to the metallurgical industry
  • Year 2006
    The matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (MALDI TOFMS) was developed and applied to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Year 2004
    Guangzhou Hexin Analytical Instruments Co., LTD. was established
Qualifications and certificates

The first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
The first prize of Science and Technology of China Instrument and Meter Society
Academician workstation
  • Year 2011
    Jiangsu Province Science and technology achievements transformation special project (BA2012083);
    National major scientific instrument and equipment development project (2012YQ250003);
    National Natural Science Foundation of China -- Joint Fund project of Guangdong Provincial People's Government (U1201232);
    Guangdong Province industry university research project -- Guangdong Province Hexin mass spectrometry academician workstation (2012B090500014)
  • Year 2011
    Torch Program (2011GH041771);
    National major scientific instrument and equipment development project (2011YQ170067)
  • Year 2009
    National "863" program (2009AA06Z405)
  • Year 2008
    Major science and technology projects of Guangdong Province (2008A090300011)
  • Year 2006
    National Technological Innovation Fund for small and medium sized science and technology enterprises (07C26214410746)
  • Year 2004
    Key breakthrough projects in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong (2004A1045009)
  • Year 2019
    Guangdong mass spectrometer engineering laboratory;
    China light industry food safety inspection technology and equipment R & D key laboratory
  • Year 2015
    The most potential enterprise in scientific instrument industry
  • Year 2013
    Science and technology award of China Instrument and Control Society
  • Year 2011
    BCEIA Gold Award
  • Year 2010
    First prize of science and technology of China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA)
  • Year 2008
    First Prize of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province
Intellectual property rights
    Hexin has a complete set of assembly line for manufacturing MS products, and has fully mastered the professional technologies involved in the R&D, manufacturing and production processes of MS products, including principles, simulation, calculation, design, engineering, process, production, application, maintenance, etc. The company has obtained 30 invention patents, 43 utility model patents, 47 software copyrights, and 44 invention patents and 11 utility model patents are under application.
Win-win cooperation

We sincerely seek cooperation with global research institutions, mass spectrometer product agents, professional and technical personnel, etc.
  • Provide technical services
    Principles involved in MS, including vacuum, electronics, optics, software, applications, consulting services and project cooperation.
  • Technical cooperation
    Develop technical cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and enterprises on R&D, application and development of mass spectrometry, application and industrialization of mass spectrometers.
  • Product agents
    We are looking for experienced distributors and agents. 
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