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On line preconcentrater gas chromatography mass spectrometermonitoring system
The online monitoring system for trace atmospheric VOCs adopts a dual channel detection design that integrates FID and MS followed by GC. The system is characterized with low detection limit, simple operation and easy maintenance, and can be easily installed in a lab or a monitoring vehicle, which can simultaneously realize the online qualitative and quantitative analysis of about 125 C2 to C12 VOCs in ambient air. Real-time and accurate information on the VOC composition in the air canbe provided by the system.
Principles of the instrument

Samples such as ambient air or standard gas are taken through different injection ports into the dual-channel gas capture system. Then, all the VOCs are efficiently enriched while N2, CO as well other matrices are removed in the first trap under ultralow temperature; in the second, trap, CO2 is removed under normal temperature; in the third trap, VOCs are concentrated under ultralow temperature again, resulting in better performance in separation by GC; finally temperature is increased at the rate of 50/s and thus VOCs are quickly delivered into GC-MS and GC-FID for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Features and advantages

  • 01
    Reasonable sampling cycle: automatic sampling is performed in 24 hours; sampling times are evenly distributed within one sampling cycle; analytical procedure is ≤ 60 min.
  • 02
    Multiple injection modes are available, all of which can be combined with online direct injection: off-line injection can also be realized by SUMMA canisters, adsorption tube, air bag, etc.
  • 03
    High-efficiency pre-concentration: three-stage purification and concentration system can achieve the concentration and enrichment of more than 100 VOCs, including C2–C12 hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, oxygen-containing compounds, sulfur-containing compounds and other VOCs.
  • 04
    Optimization detection results by rapid temperature increase: FID/MS dual channel detectors, ultra-fast temperature increase program to achieve efficient desorption of VOC components (temperature rise rate ≥50℃/s), effectively reduce the peak width of VOCs separated by GC.
Application case
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