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Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer
GCMS 1000
Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer GCMS 1000 is a type of high-performance single quadrupole gas chromatography - mass spectrometer, which combines the characteristics of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for qualitative and quantitative analyses of different samples, and features high resolution of chromatography and high sensitivity of mass spectrometry.Gas chromatography separates the components in the mixture according to the retention time. Mass spectrometry confirms the information of each component, and is one of the most effective means for analyzing complex mixtures. It is widely used in such fields as environmental protection, electronics, textiles, petrochemical industry, flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical industry, as well as agriculture and food safety.
Features and advantages

  • 01
    During operation, time interval can be set to turn off the filament and electron multiplier to avoid the solvent or other substances prone to saturation peaking at intermediate time to protect the filament and electron multiplier
  • 02
    High-temperature inert ceramic ion source: ionizing efficiently and reducing contamination and equipped with two filaments made of long-life inert materials to provide double service time, designed with ion source ceramic to ensure stable temperature of all lenses and convenient and fast cleaning
  • 03
    Quadrupole mass analyzer with pre-quadrupole is adopted to reduce contamination to the quadrupole and optimize the transition electric field between ion source and quadrupole. The voltage on the pre-quadrupole is scanned synchronously with the analyzer voltage, focusing the maximum ion signal to the center of quadrupole field
  • 04
    The High Performance Dual Chamber Single Quadrupole GC-MS is designed with two turbine molecular pumps with ion source and quadrupole mass analyzer exhausting separately
Application field

Application case
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